DAY 1:

1. Welcome Address: Executive Director, ARCSSTEE <<here>>

2. Keynote Address: GNSS CORS, the Bedrock of Sustainable Development - Prof O. Kufoniyi <<here>>

3. GNSS-R and its Applications by Prof. Yang Donkai <<here>>

4. Soil Moisture Observation Utilizing Reflected GNSS Signals by Prof. Yang Donkai <<here>>

DAY 2:

1. Fundamentals of Satellite-Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing by Prof. Falin Wu <<here>>

2. GNSS Precise Positioning - From DGPS to PPP by Prof. Falin Wu <<here>>

3. International Space Education - Opportunitiess and Challenges by Prof. Dr. Weng Jingnong <<here>>

DAY 3:

1. GNSS Attitude Determination by Prof. Qin Honglei <<here>>

2. GNSS Applications in Civil Aviation by Prof. Ping Yin <<here>>

DAY 4:

1. ARCSSTEE Capacity Building Programmes by Dr G. I. Agbaje <<here>>

2. Status of Ground GNSS Infrastructure in Africa by Prof B. Rabiu <<here>>

3. Brief Overview of Nigerian Satellite Augmentation System by NIGCOMSAT <<here>>

4. The State and Utilization of the Nigeria CORS Network by Surv. A. A. Adebomehin <<here>>

5. First Static Reference Frame AFREF Solution by Dr. J. D. Dodo <<here>>

6. GNSS Application in Nigeria by Dr. J. D. Dodo <<here>>

7. Nigeria Space Geodesy Project by Dr. J. D. Dodo <<here>>

DAY 5:

1. GNSS Applications - Case Study by Prof. Falin Wu <<here>>