The unit is set up to provide ICT and technical services. The ICT services provided include management and maintenance of Internet connectivity, system and network administration – including, amongst other things, software and hardware sourcing, installation, operation and maintenance (routine troubleshooting and repair) – ICT consultation and training, software and website development, etc.

The unit also provides consultancy services, including both ICT consultation and training and non-ICT consultancy services. The non-ICT consultancy services provided by the unit include  execution of various projects and training in RS/GIS, satellite communication, GNSS. The unit provides its consultancy services both internally, to the ARCSSTE-E, and externally, to other consumers outside ARCSSTEE.

The ICT unit also provides support for high speed and high bandwidth internet connection to facilitate efficient data transfer, processing and other geo-portal applications.


Deployment of first class ICT solutions, thereby accelerating the Centre’s drive towards achieving excellence in Space Education, Research and Development.


Technical Support
Provision of ICT-based learning and researching environment
Provision of Seamless Communication between Departments and Units
Database Management Systems
Internet and Network Support
Software Development