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ARCSSTEE Alumnus achieves Space Dream
ZIMSAT-1, the first satellite developed by Zimbabwe finally launched into space
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ARCSSTEE graduates its first Space Law student
The 2021/2022 Postgraduate Diploma Programme witnessed a major milestone with the graduation of the first Space Law participant...
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Professor Rabiu appointed as ARCSSTEE Director
Change of leadership as new Director takes charge
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Professor Akeem Babatunde Rabiu
What you need to know about ARCSSTEE's new Director
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Human Resources Development  & Public Awareness in the African Region of the benefits and Applications of Space  Science & Tech. for the sustainable development of the region and improvement on the quality of life of the people, through rigorous education/ training and outreach programmes, thereby empowering and informing the people on Space for development.

To build a high quality capacity and critical mass of indigenous Space Scientists/ Educators in English speaking African countries for the development and application of Space Science & Technology for Sustainable National & Regional Development.

To develop skills and knowledge  in 5 prime areas: Remote Sensing/ GIS; Satellite Meteorology & Global Climate; Satellite Communication; Basic Space & Atmospheric Science and Global Navigation Satellite System.