Payment Procedure

Please follow carefully the following procedure to make payment of all fees:

  • Click, “Bills & Purchases”
  • Click, “Pay Billers ”
  • Fill the columns as follows:
  • What do you want to pay for: Type, “AFRICAN REG CENTRE FOR SPACE SCIENC”

*Please choose exactly as stated above*

  • Name of Service/ Purpose: “School Fees”
  • Amount to Pay: Type the required amount
  • Payer’s Full Name: Your Name
  • Payer’s Email: Your Email
  • Payer’s Phone: Your Phone Number
  • Then type the character displayed in the box
  • Click, “Proceed to Payment”
  • You may be required to confirm your payment

This will take you to the confirmation page where your details will be displayed for confirmation and you will be asked for the mode of payment.

  • Choose one of the options presented (Pay Once most preferably)
  • Under, “Who do you want to pay?”, please choose “AFRICAN REG CENTRE FOR SPACE SCIENC” as before
  • Name of Service/ Purpose*, choose, “SCHOOL FEES”
  • Input amount (according to purpose i.e application fees (N15000, school fees N250000, etc)
  • Input your name, phone number, email, confirm email
  • Under How do you want to pay?*, Please choose “BANKBRANCH”
  • Tick the box next to. “I’m not a robot”.
  • The above payment slip with the generated “RRR” code will be generated. This information will also be sent to your email. You will be required to print and take to any bank to effect payment.
  • Send evidence of payment to: