Satellite Communication

Satellite communications systems have been undergoing radical change in recent years, making a transition from a technology dominated by Governments and geostationary satellites to one that includes low-Earth orbit (LEO) and Medium- Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite systems operated by publicly held corporations.

The new systems utilize multiple antenna beams forming cells on the Earth’s surface similar to those used by terrestrial cellular telephony systems and are capable of carrying various types of traffic ranging from voice to Internet traffic 
The present chapter contains the deliberations of the working group on satellite communications that was established during the United Nations Expert Meeting on the Regional Centres for Space Science and Technology Education: Status and Future Development.

The working group reviewed the curriculum of courses that had been held at the Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (annex I) and developed a broad outline of topics that should be part of the satellite communications curriculum.

The Curriculum for the Satellite Communication Course Module can be downloaded <<here>>