Space law is the body of law governing space-related activities. Space law addresses so many issues, such as, the preservation of the space and Earth environment, liability for damages caused by space object, the settlement of disputes, the rescue of astronauts, the sharing of information about potential dangers in outer space, the use of space-related technologies, and international cooperation.

Similarly, space law also contains series of legal systems, just as liability system and registration system. In order to regulate national space activities, some countries have promulgated domestic laws to regulate and guide their space activities.

It is important to add that, capacity-building, training and education in space law helps to promote international development and cooperation in space activities and provides the means for a deeper understanding of the interdependent roles of science, technology and law in this area.

In view of this, under space technology applications, space law plays an important role in space technology applications.


  1. Develop the skills and knowledge of participants, through training program on space law and policy related to space technology application that can contribute to the exploration and peaceful uses of outer space and sustainable development in each country.
  2. Enhance the implementation of the United Nations Programme on Space Application better, through the training program on space law and policy

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