ARCSSTE-E runs a vibrant Outreach Programme fundamentally designed to create public awareness, sensitize nursery/primary and secondary school children in the area of space science and technology education. The Centre periodically organizes schools workshops with themes bordering on applications and benefits of space science. These workshops provide opportunities for students to try their hands on different science- based activities like assembling of mock-ups of satellite, rocket, rocket launchers and performance of simple on-the-spot experiments.

In furtherance of this task of popularizing space science, lectures, talks, debates, video and film shows, quiz competitions and science projects exhibitions are organized. These fun-filled activities are designed to increase the curiosity and interest of students in the sciences generally and space science in particular thereby firing their imaginations. Souvenirs, teaching aids and promotional materials such as T-shirts, face caps, pens, exercise books, conference bags and folders are distributed to students and teachers. The Centre also organizes competitions which include essays, poems and art events in order to stimulate school children’s perception and interest in space science. Excursions to space-related scientific establishments are organized by the Centre as part of efforts to popularize space science and technology in Nigeria.



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To enrich the outreach programme, the Centre has a space museum replete with mock-ups of space hard wares (rocket launchers, Space Shuttles, Ariane 5 rocket, Galileo Satellite, Astronauts, NigeriaSat-1, etc.) locally fabricated in-house. The space museum is becoming a tourist destination of some sort as school children from far and near visit on excursion. The exhibitions make space science and technology real to the students and in a way demystifies the myth surrounding space exploration.





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TEACHERS WORKSHOP (Train the Teachers)

Teachers are also brought together to the Centre with the aim of impacting them with knowledge as it relates to Space Science and Technology. It is expected that these teachers will be armed with necessary information which will be transferred to their pupils.







Staff seminar


The Centre has also launched Space Science clubs for students of primary and secondary schools. The launching of space club in various schools within the country is a deliberate effort to carefully nurture school children, correct their misconception about “Space”, inspire and give children the opportunity to learn more first hand and expand their horizon about space science in a liberal atmosphere beyond classroom setting. Up to date the Centre has inaugurated space clubs in over 300 schools nationwide.






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 The Centre sponsored three students in 2006, 2007, and 2008 respectively to experience weightlessness on a simulated flight which is an inspirational programme that has its goal in utilizing the excitement of space to inspiring students globally to excel in sciences; space science in particular. It also aims at using space science to promote international cooperation among youth on a global basis and to prepare the next generation of future engineers, rocket scientists, astronauts and other expertise in Space Science and Technology.






World Space Week



The Centre also joins the global space community annually to celebrate the World Space Week (October 4-10). The WSW celebration is packed with myriads of activities and events aimed at sensitizing and motivating young scientists who would take up careers in space science and technology.













An equally vital objective of the programme is the inclusion of spaces science education in the school curriculum; to this end, the Centre is in partnership with other science related bodies and educational institutions. To further achieve the desired impact, the Centre is collaborating with stakeholders, Federal Ministry of Education and United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), to design space education curriculum for schools.